IW2R Literal XC 5K


Come  join us for the IW2R Literal 5K!

That’s  right, It's time for a real live race, with fellow humans!

Ok,  it’s going to look a bit different in order to comply with the Governors guidelines for re-opening 

The  IW2R Literal 5K will be a Cross Country Time Trial at Northview Church’s amazing course on Memorial Day Monday, May 25th starting at 8:00am.

This  event will help serve as a model for how running events may look like for a while. Here’s how:

The field will be  limited to 100 runners.

The event will be  held on a closed course. That enables us to control the flow and maintain as much social distancing as possible.

Runners will be  seeded by their target 5K road time and use a time trial start every 30 seconds.  That means every 30 seconds a runner  starts. This, in theory, puts ~120-150 meters between runners depending on pace. (If you’ve ever done a triathlon with a time trial start, that’s just what this will look like.)

The majority of  the 5K course is “one way”. There are some stretches that are common, but the course is quite wide providing plenty of socially distant space as you politely stay to the far right. 

There is enough  parking space for 1000 cars in 5 different lots, so there is room to leave 3 spaces between cars.

Proceeds  will be directed to Hilltop Sports earmarked for Cross Country. (Our large XC invites will come back soon, meanwhile we will continue to improve the course.)

Here  are some guidelines that we all need to abide by to ensure the safety of our fellow runners as well as the be able to continue to have actual running events:

It is important  that when you enter that you submit a time that is not a wishful PR, or a big ol’ sandbag, but a time you realistically will hit. 

There will certainly  be some passing but the course is wide, so please use common sense when overtaking, like moving to the far side of the lane. 

There are 88 acres  on the cross country course so please enjoy the space and spread out.

We ask you not bring  a cheering section on this first event 

We ask you wear  a mask when picking up your timing bib, while waiting to start, and after the race.

We  will, with your corporation, be able to have a second larger event during Stage 4 of the governor's reopening plan (sometime around June 15th) if we all behave ourselves, respect each other, and observe social distancing. That event will have up to 250 runners  with either larger wave starts or separate male/female runs.

Staging  instructions will be sent to participants after field fills.

Remember  with 100 runners your start time will be between 8:00a and 8:50a and we ask you to arrive ready to run 20 minutes prior to your start time. If you are late we will do our best to work you in, but it may be after 8:50

There  will have 1 and 2 mile splits and results online after the race 

Awards  will be distributed via email.



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